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We are a developer's bridge from web2 to web3. As we see Ethereum’s body grow, we need the head to get bigger too. The issue at hand is that while there are millions of exceptionally skilled and experienced senior developers out there, senior Solidity developers remain scarce. We seek out to solve this imbalance and flip the supply deficiency by combining our forces and knowledge. With the right incentives, we can rapidly transform senior developers into senior Solidity developers.


Mentors come to the DAO with mentorship proposals, interview prospects and pick their trainees. We act as a meeting place and provide incentives to jump-start a rapid two-month mentoring program. At the end of the process, new Ethereum engineers will arise who in return one day will be able to mentor new trainees.

We do not charge mentees for their trainings, we actually give them the possibility to ask for funds to cover the non-paid time they put in. All of our funding comes from donations. If you see value in what we do, go ahead and mint an NFT!


The EthernautDAO is open for everyone willing to contribute by sharing their knowledge and know-how, or to simply broaden their horizons and learn together with the best! For information sharing and community discussions, join our Discord server!



I am gasping for air. Our world is on the verge of collapse. The data-hungry monopolistic moloch eradicated all organic lifeforms. Our farmland lies fallow, the water is contaminated, all soil eroded. Terraforming efforts are suppressed by the aggressive, mutated fauna. Any efforts for knowledge and information transfers are suppressed and censored, movements for sustainability crushed with no mercy. Humanity is going extinct.

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NFTs available to mint


Ethernauts NFT avoids the typical NFT mint gas wars by launching on Optimism, although that's not the only reason why we choose Optimism! Transactions in the Optimism network are processed sequentially, so there's no point in using a higher gas price. READ OUR SMART CONTRACT


We want to give community members that contributed to the EthernautDAO so far to have a chance to get their NFT, and even pay less for it. Thus, there will be an early sale in which only community members that have been issued a signed coupon will be able to purchase an NFT. The Ethernauts dApp will automatically provide such coupon for community members, targeting an address that previously claimed a POAP.


Even though Ethernauts randomness is not 100% trustless, since that would be a bit expensive for users and the project right now, we put a lot of effort in trying to make it as trustless as possible. Actually, our project is considerably more trustless than 99% of any previous NFT launches!. Tokens are minted in batches of 50. When a batch completes, the previous 50 tokens are revealed using a pseudo-random number that makes it extremely hard for people with knowledge of token rarity to know when to mint their own with any sort of advantage to any other user. In fact, we will never see these assets before launch, and secure keepers will post batch assets as they complete. This makes this launch practically trustless.